Junior League of Raleigh
A Shopping SPREE!
November 14-17, 2019
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Please check the ONE category representative of your merchandise. (You will be required to email a copy of the completed inventory list to the SPREE! Exhibitor Co-chairs.)

Please indicate what percentage of your merchandise to be sold falls into the price ranges below:

Previous Event Experience

Please list at least three other shows you have participated in within the past two years: 
Name of Show / Contact / Phone NumberYear(s)

Booth Request

Note: The Cottage Shoppes are an area with a limited number of 2’x6’ skirted tables reserved for new exhibitors only. There will be no full-height drape between tables, and storage space may be limited.
Booth Option2' x 6'10' x 10'10' x 15'10' x 20'10' x 30'10' x 40'20' x 20'
The Cottage Shoppes$750
Double Corner$3,900$5,150$6,500
*You DO NOT have to commit to a booth size at this point, but please indicate the size of booth you will most likely choose:
Please select three booth types you are interested in, in order of your preference:

Photographs and Samples

Exhibitor Inventory List:

Please click here to download the Exhibitor Inventory ListApplications will not be processed without completed inventory lists.  Please email a completed copy of your Exhibitor Inventory List to

Photographs and Brochures:

In addition to the merchandise description above, photographs, brochures, or samples are very helpful to the selection committee. For your convenience, you can upload them here. Samples should be mailed to:

Junior League of Raleigh
A Shopping SPREE Exhibitor Committee
P.O Box 26821
Raleigh, NC 27611-6821

If you have not been an exhibitor at SPREE! before, a photo of your booth from another show would be particularly helpful to our selection committee. 

Additionally, we require that all new exhibitors mail us a product sample. 

Instructions and Disclaimers


**Please remember The Junior League of Raleigh’s A Shopping SPREE! is a juried show and submission of application does not guarantee acceptance to the show. Exhibitor acceptance is at the sole discretion of the A Shopping SPREE! Exhibitor Committee.  Remember that while there is no formal application deadline, priority review will be given to the applications in the order they are received. Applications received after September 1, 2019 may or may not be considered.

The Junior League of Raleigh may also limit the number of merchants in a product category and does not guarantee exclusivity.

*Deposits and/or payments should be made primarily online; we accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. If you must pay by check please make it payable to The Junior League of Raleigh.  

An application fee of $25 is required with all applications. All application fees are non-refundable.

Mail all items to :

Junior League of Raleigh 
Attn: A Shopping SPREE! Exhibitor Committee 
P.O. Box 26821 
Raleigh, NC 27611-6821

Merchant Agreement

Exhibitors selected to participate in the event will be notified by A Shopping SPREE! Exhibitor Co-chairs.

    I acknowledge there is a non-refundable $25 application fee that is due with submission of this application.

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